I like photography and taking pictures. Sometimes I take a good one, but not all that often. I started this blog hoping to take a picture a day and then post it here. Well things haven’t worked out that way. Since this is just a hobby, I don’t get out to shoot everyday. Initially, I figured that if I took at least one picture a day and posted it online, I would learn something and start taking better pictures. While I haven’t taken pictures everyday, I have learned a few things.

I’ve been taking pictures for most of my life. I remember taking pictures with a Polaroid when I was probably seven or eight. Since then I’ve always had a camera and like taking pictures. With digital photography I can actually afford to take a lot of photos and can actually keep them sort of organized. It’s also much easier to share them. My Zooomr page has a lot of photos I’ve taken recently.

I have had a little photography training. I took a class in college and had a lot of fun developing and printing black and white photos. In high school I took photos for the year book and newspaper. Since then I haven’t done much publicly with my photos. I did have a photo published in a yearly “about the university” publication at Chico State (circa 1990) and recently one of my photos was included in Michael and Evo’s 2006 Wingin’ It calendar.

So this is my attempt to take more pictures and share them with the world.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

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