Winter Hydrangea

Winter HydrangeaWinter Hydrangea Hosted on Zooomr

We have several hydrangea bushes in our yard, most of which have been pruned, but not this one. Hydrangeas flower in bunches, so these few lonely petals are quite a contrast to how they look in full bloom. Sort of like the contrast of the blue sky and dead flowers. I don’t have a macro lense, so I stood back and zoomed in on the dried flower petals. The details of the petals got my attention. I took this from a low angle, so the sky would be in the background. I took several other shots of these flowers. They are on my Picasa web site.

This photo is a little dark. I did play with the fill light in Picasa a little to try to bring out the flower more. You can see some other shots in the album that have better exposure, but I like the composition of this one the best. January has been pretty cold and very dry in California, and this shot seemed to capture that for me.
The image is on zooomr.


RosesRoses Hosted on Zooomr

This is the picture I wanted to post yesterday, so here it is a day late. My wife does floral design and made this arrangement for our house because we had some friends over. She likes flowers, and they do look good. This was an easy shot to take, the sun was coming through the window from behind. Fortunately the background is blurry because our dining room isn’t that spectacular.

See it on Zooomr with all the exposure settings.