Point Taken

Point taken.Point taken. Hosted on Zooomr

It was another beautiful, cold day that I spent inside finishing up projects. I didn’t shoot durning the day, so had to find something in the house to shoot. I started with my bike, and ended with a potted cactus. It’s one of two live plants in our house. I had to bring in my halogen work light just to get enough light to take pictures. I like depth of field, so I spent time experimenting as much as possible with the poor lighting. I ended up with pretty slow shutter speeds, and without a tripod had a hard time keeping still. Lesson for the day, get a tripod. Lesson two – shoot during the day.

Anyway, this was the coolest shot I took. Details at Zooomr. The bike shots were ok, but would have been better outside with concrete as the backdrop (bikes belong on the road). The catcus shots were pretty interesting, but this was my favorite. It’s pretty cool how our eyes see the colors completely differently than the camera picks them up. I haven’t messed with the colors in this, that’s how the camera took the picture. I like the color of this shot and the fuzzy background. I guess the real lesson for the day is that everyday things in our lives can be special or unique if we just look at them from a different perspective. Everyday things make good subjects, if you take the time to pay attention. Even common house plants.