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I spent a night at Indian Springs in Calistoga. I figured I’d take a lot of pictures, but didn’t. Spent most of my time lounging by the pool. The weather was great, pool was hot. January in California. Enough said.

This was in an empty lot between the resort and town, which is about a three minute walk, two if you go through the empty lot. It was early morning, so the sun was casting shadows from the rocks. The curves looked cool. It’s not really circles, but a maze. Zen garden? I don’t know the exact term, but it looks cool. I converted it to b/w in Picasa and adjusted the brightness and contrast a little.

See zooomr for the exact location. Google’s satellite images aren’t up-to-date, I expect this rock maze is temporary and won’t show up ever, but you can see the pool at Indian Springs. Calistoga is cool little town. Very scenic, lots of old buildings. Maybe someday I’ll go back and take more shots.

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