I’ve been lazy

So I haven’t been out shooting, so have had nothing to post. There are a billion excuses, but no one wants to hear them. Bottom line, I need to get out and start taking pictures, even if it’s of the ground.
I have found a couple of sites worth mentioning, and signing up on. The first is JPG Magazine. They run a lot of “theme” contests where you submit photos on a theme, then other members vote. Winners get published in the print version of the magazine. Hundreds of photos get submitted, some of which are so-so, but there are a lot of really stunning photos in every theme. Check out the current themes at http://jpgmag.com/themes/.
The second site, which has a tie-in to JPG Magazine is 9 Rules. There is a photography group that also has members post photos based on a theme. The best picture in the current theme gets a free subscription to the print version of JPG Magazine, courtesy of publicenergy. I actually came across 9 rules via publicenergy’s blog. He has some really amazing infrared shots. Worth checking out.
In other news, I bought a 4 gb compact flash card so I can shoot more RAW photos. I brought my camera with me to work today, so I’ll go out at lunch and find something to take pictures of. Anything. I also recently bought a Gorillapod that I have yet to use to any great extent. Hopefully by Monday I’ll have something to post.
I have been putting some images on Zooomr if you want to see a few newer shots.

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  1. publicenergy says:

    I’ve been feeling lazy too. This last weekend rained almost constantly which didn’t help me to get outside and take photos.

    Thanks for the kind words about my infrared photos 🙂

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