Along the tracks

Tracks 1
I’ve always had somewhat of a childish fascination with trains. I’ve only ridden a few real trains in my life, but there’s something about trains that pulls at me. Maybe it’s because as a very young child I played around train tracks and spent a bit of time watching them go by. There were tracks very close to where I lived, so I’d go down there with my friends and see what happened if we put some coins on the tracks, or maybe a lawn chair. Looking back, it was quite dangerous, but that’s what boys do – flirt with danger to see how far they can go. We were lucky no one got hurt or killed. I remember running across the tracks in front of oncoming trains. Not too smart, fortunately I’ve grown up and stick to walking abandoned tracks.

This shot is along a stretch of track that, after some 60 miles, connects to the same tracks I played on as a child. I took a walk along the tracks last week just to get away from my desk for a while and take some pictures, something I don’t do enough of these days (walks and taking pictures). The tracks haven’t had trains running for nearly 10 years, but freight and commuter trains could start running soon.

Some people are worried about the traffic congestion that trains will cause because the tracks cross the main street that runs East-West through our town, but I don’t care. I grew up hearing and seeing trains running and miss them. Every place I’ve lived has had trains running. It was part of my childhood landscape, and something that is missing from my kids childhood. I didn’t realize it growing up, but do now that I drive by dormant tracks. Trains are an important part of our society and our history. They tie communities together in a way that freeways don’t. I can’t wait for the trains to start running, I’d like to shoot some photos.

This shot is on Zooomr.

Here are a couple of more pictures I shot that day:
Fair Warning

Tracks 2

And here’s a shot taken at night of a rail crossing that I did not take, but think is really cool.

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