Everything Returns to the Sea

Everything Returns to the Sea

Most people in Northern California wouldn’t consider early November to be prime beach weather, but today absolutely was. It was about 80 degrees (F) at the beach. It doesn’t even get that warm in the Summer. This week is definitely what they call “unseasonably warm”. We had a great day at the beach. There was no fog and a gentle off-shore breeze. We’ve gone to the beach many times in the fog or with blasting on-shore wind cutting through to your skin. Today could not have been better. Simply a perfect day.

The weather brought out a lot of people, including a lot of surfers. There were more surfers out today than I have ever seen at Dillon Beach before. The waves weren’t that big, but they seemed to be having fun.
Walking on Water

We brought our six month old puppy Molly and let her run around. think the ratio of people to dogs was abouth 3:1. There were a lot of dogs. Molly had a blast. She was a little afraid of the water and wouldn’t run in like most other dogs. The kids, however, had no problem getting in. The water was cold, but the weather was so nice it made bearable. It was still too cold to really swim in, but the kids got plenty wet. And sandy. Very sandy.

All in all, probably the most relaxing and enjoyable day we’ve had in a while. I wish we could do it again tomorrow.

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