Zooomr Still Down

Zooomr Mark III
I’ve been waiting for Zooomr to come back online after their upgrade to Mark III, but as of right now it is still down. It was supposed to be up yesterday, but they must have run into some problems. I have a couple of photos there that I want to post here, but can’t get to them. Maybe later today or tomorrow.

Some of the new features sound really cool, as you can see from the screen shot. One that I’m anxious to try out is searching by color. From the Zooomr blog:

“Zooomr Mark III Boasts an impressive new search system along side our marketplace â€â€� one of the coolest features of marketplace is that we can now search by the overall color of each photograph. This requires intense processing of each photograph, and while we have 5 superfast quad-xeon servers processing multiple batches of photos, it is taking a bit longer than expected.”

Sounds cool, I wonder how it will work. What will a search for teal return? What about searching on hex codes? Anyway, can’t wait for Zooomr to get back up and running.

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  1. Hey thanks Gary. Kristopher is in the other room right now coding like hell. This transition has been much harder than we’d have hoped. After three days of no sleep last night Kris finally had to crash. We hope to have it out soon though and are as excited as can possibly be.

    In regards to stock photography. Zooomr Mark III will allow you to select photographs of yours that you would like to sell. These photos will then be included in a marketplace where marketers can search and browse photos. You will select the price. When photos sell you will receive 90% of the proceeds from the sale. This is much more than any other agency pays. It is our goal to redefine the $2 billion stock photography business and in the process changing the economic relationship between photographers and marketers giving the creators of the images themselves the bulk of this money.

    It will probably take us a few weeks before we actually turn on the search engine for marketers as we need to populate the library first but we hope that this can be done very quickly.

    I am CEO of Zooomr, but more than this I am a photographer. Zooomr is built by and for photographers and we hope that photographers will get behind our mission in empowering them economically in the stock photography market of the future and help us promote what we are trying to do for all of us with marketers everywhere.

  2. Thomas,
    The first comment I’ve gotten that wasn’t spam. Thanks.
    Zooomr is awesome, I’m sure the upgrade will be worth the wait. I’ve been trying to get some of my photographer friends (real professionals, not amateurs like me) to use Zooomr, maybe the new stock photo feature will get them more interested. -gary

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