I’m Thinking of…

I'm thinking of...
“I thinking of scratching your eyes out if you take one more picture.” is what I think she’s thinking about.

As cats go, ours is pretty cool. She likes us and likes to be around us, which is not always normal for cats. She doesn’t want to be with the kids too much, but often sits on my lap while I sit at the computer and would sleep on my wife’s head at night if we let her stay in. For this shot she was perched on the back of the couch (another favorite spot) and didn’t seem to like me taking her picture. She’s cat and I buy the food, so she can just deal with it. Her name is Blueberry.

Blueberrry’s world is about to be turned upside down. We are getting a golden retriever puppy in two weeks. We’ll see how much she likes us then. We already have a dog, who the cat doesn’t mind at all, but puppies are very different from 10 year old dogs. Somehow I doubt I’ll be lucky enough to get a picture of the Blueberry and the puppy together.

If the cat could tell I converted this shot she would probably be mad because you can’t see her fabulous colors. Maybe some other day, Blueberry.

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