Hello Molly


My daughters convinced me that a puppy was a good idea, turns out it was. This is Molly, our new Golden Retriever puppy, on her first day at our home. She’s 8 weeks old now, but we’ve been visiting her since she was a few days old. She really is a treat and the kids just adore her, maybe a little too much at times.

Our 10 year old dog, Penny, has taken it pretty well. She let the puppy know who’s boss, but seems to like Molly and is even interested in her when she doesn’t know we’re watching. The puppy is very respectful of Penny. Molly tries to play with Penny, but isn’t obnoxious about it and backs off if Penny if looks at her crossly. I think Penny would like to play, but she’s getting old and her hips don’t really let her jump around.

The cats, on the other hand, hate Molly. Blueberry,
our 4 year old female cat, barfed on our bed yesterday to show her disapproval. Sparkle, the boy cat, just stays upstairs. They’ll adjust, eventually.

So far Molly’s only had one accident in the house and sleeps through the night. After two days we haven’t lost any shoes, but I’m sure it’s coming. The kids have all summer to enjoy their new friend. It makes me happy to see them having such a good time.

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