I got bored the other day and decided to shoot some more macros using the Poor Man’s Macro technique. This penny happened to be on the window sill above the kitchen sink. I was shooting on the counter, next to the sink, because there was plenty of natural light. I think I dug it up in the yard a couple of weeks ago. I’ve blogged about a couple of other shots taken using the reverse lens technique here and here.

I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of this technique. First, I use a tripod now. That really helps keep the camera steady and frees up one hand to hold the reversed lens. I also started switching between manual and auto focus. Once you steady the camera, you can select the focus with the normal lens. It makes a big difference. Between changing the focal distance and actually moving the subject closer and farther from the camera I gained a lot of flexibility in choosing the focal point for the shot. I do need to figure out a way to mount the lens on the camera. My hand started to cramp up from holding the lens.

Overall, I’m pleased with the results this time. I had a good time taking the pictures and coming up with different things to shoot. I’m making list of other items to take macro photos of, so I’m sure to be posting more of Poor Man’s Macro shots soon. At least it will give me something to shoot as the rainy weather starts up again.

I also downloaded the trial version of Lightroom, so the EXIF data is now being read by Zooomr. You can get the shot details there. A friend on Zooomr also posted a very similar photo of a penny today. I guess we had the same inspiration.

Here are a few other shots from the macro session:

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