The best camera

The best camera is definitely the one you have with you, especially if you have an iPhone and the Best Camera app by Chase Jarvis. I recently got an iPhone and have been incredibly impressed with the camera, especially touching the screen to choose the focus point. There are plenty of cameras out there with higher resolution and better low light performance, no doubt about that. I won’t be giving up my DSLR anytime soon. But having the power of  the iPhone with dozens (hundreds?) of photo apps and the ability to upload to the web bundled with the camera is pretty amazing and liberating.

I’ve been so fascinated with my iPhone camera that I haven’t been using the DSLR nearly as much as I should. I’ve never had my own point and shot, so this filled a need for me. And the Best Camera app with built-in uploading to the Best Camera site makes sharing easy. You can also  send Twitter and Facebook updates when you upload to let your friends an followers know about your photos. My Best Camera photos are at

The beauty of the Best Camera app is in its simplicity. It’s easy to apply and stack filters to images, then save and upload them. The one tool I would like is a crop tool, but the  Photoshop app has that so I can crop there and process and upload in Best Camera. Best Camera also tends to blow out the highlights, but again Photoshop can help with that. And it’s a cool effect sometimes. The app is well worth the $2.99. If you need convincing, just check out the winners feed of the best shots from Best Camera users.

At this point my iPhone has as much value to me as a photographer as my DSLR. I can’t imagine not having a camera that uploads directly to the web.
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