2009 Photo Challenge – Days 1-5

I’m trying the Photo Challenge again this year. Last year didn’t go so well, I gave up pretty early. I’m going into the 2009 Challenge with modest expectations. The challenge is a photo-a-day with a new theme everyday. The details of the 2009 challenge are on the Photo Challenge blog. The daily theme is posted the day before, so you don’t have much time to plan.

I know I won’t be able to take and post a photo everyday this year. With work, kids, vacation, etc it just isn’t possible. I’m hoping for 300 shots for the challenge. Even those 300 might not be daily, but if I know starting out that I can’t get one a day, I won’t be disappointed if I don’t make it. If I get 300, I’ll feel I accomplished my personal goal. And I think that is the point of the challenges – grow as a photographer and have fun.

After five days I’m keeping up. I’ve taken and posted a shot everyday. It’s not easy, and they aren’t are all shots I would normally post. Since the Photo Challenges use Flickr, I finally went ahead and upgraded to a Pro account. I still prefer Zooomr, but will be posting all my photos on both sites from now on.
Day 1 – Chair
Day 1 - Chair

Day 2 – Pen
Day 2 - Pen

Day 3 – Music
Day 3 - Music

Day 4 – Book

Day 5 – Window
Day 5 - Window

Macros for a Rainy Day

It rained all day, and I was bored by about 9 a.m so I decided to shoot some macros indoors. I don’t have real lights, so I grabbed the lamp from my desk and set up on the dining room table. It’s not an ideal lighting situation, but it worked. I used my reversed 50mm lens mounted on the kit 18-55mm that came with my camera. These are the best of what I came up with. The reversed lens adds a lot of vignetting, which I cropped out to varying degrees on each of these shots.

Unfortunately I didn’t take many shots more because I broke my little toe. That made it a little hard to stand up and move around. I spent some time at urgent care and then a lot of time laying around wishing I could pay better attention to where I walk. I am, truly, always breaking something. This time it was myself.

The sound we wish for
The sound we wish for

Finding What We Lost
Finding what we lost