Fence Rock

So, it’s hardly been a photo a day this week. I did go out a couple of days at lunch and take some pictures, but haven’t had time to get them online.

This one was taken near Bloomfield, CA. I haven’t uploaded to Zooomr because my bandwidth is running out. I’m not sure how much Zooomr gives over what period of time, but I didn’t want to run out. Maybe I’ll create my own geotag map so
I don’t have to worry about it.  I may start uploading more of the photos I take and linking to them from this blog.  I have some space with Picasa’s web albums that I might as well use. The main image will remain on the blog.
Anyway, I used a polarizing filter on this and did some contrast adjustment in Picasa. The weather has been nice, but hazy and this day was foggy, thus the white sky. I again tried some horizontal shots, but like the vertical ones better. With the good weather, I should be out more taking pictures.

I’ve been listening to the photography.ca podcast. It’s pretty cool, and they have samples of stuff they talk about on their blog so you can see the photos. It’s seems to be ‘fine art’ oriented, which is very different from what I do, so it’s a nice contrast for me. Some of the pictures are pretty cool. Check it out.

I have more photos from this week to post, so maybe I’ll catch up this weekend.

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