White Rounder

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A horizontal shot, finally. I actually took this a couple of days ago, but as I said last time, I’m playing a bit of catch up. I drove out to Tomales at lunch (which seems to be my favorite photo destination so far) to find something new to shoot. I found a barn that I’ve driven by a hundred times. I’ve noticed it before, but it never really attracted my attention. today the light coming through the fog was just right, or at least better than I recalled from the hundreds of other trips I’ve made past this barn. This is one of a few cool, old barns on this farm, which appears to be abandoned. I didn’t climb any fences on this day, but I would like to walk around the farm to get more shots. I like old farms, they alway seem like good subjects to shoot. I’d actually like to do a series of photos of old barns. There are many wonderful, old farm buildings in the area.
On this day the sun was at the right angle to illuminate the front of the barn, and give nice contrast. The broken fog in the sky was nice also. I did a little contrast adjustments in Picasa. I also published a few other shots I took this day to my Picasa web album. For this shot I used my polarizing filter, but in the web album there is a similar shot that didn’t have any filters. You can see the difference. The filter really helps.
My bandwidth on Zooomr seems to have reset, so I can upload there again. This shot is geotagged so you can see the location.

I also have to mention my photographic blunder. Today the Queen Mary 2 was coming into San Francisco Bay under the Golden Gate Bridge. My wife took the camera, which I said was set to auto. Well, I hadn’t set it to auto, so it was on manual and she trusted what I said. I wish I had a shot she took to post, but due to my misdirection, none of her shots turned out. Sorry honey.