Giant Oak

Giant OakGiant Oak Hosted on Zooomr

I took my daughter for a walk in Helen Putnam Regional Park today mainly just to enjoy the weather. Of course I brought my camera and put on the new Hoya Polarizing filter I got last week. I came across this massive, old oak tree that had a lot of huge branches literally growing sideways, touching the ground. It was an amazing tree that I failed to capture adequately.
Anyway, this was a decent shot of one of the branches.You can get a sense of the size of the braches from this shot. I was standing on the ground, looking down the length of the branch. The diameter of the branch was well over a foot. I have several more shots of the tree; if anyone is interested I can do a supplemental post. The tree is amazing. If you can get to Helen Putnam park, it is on the Panoram trail.
Check out the location, details, and higher resolution images at Zooomr.

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