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Today I was late driving to work, so I took a back road that has less traffic. I dropped into this valley, and noticed a farm house across a frosted field. I quickly pulled over and started shooting. It was early in the morning and everything was still frosty, which I always think looks really pretty in the early morning light. I took a lot of shots, several of which I liked, but this was my wife’s favorite so it makes the blog. You can see a couple of other shots here and here.

I’ve driven through this location dozens of times, and never thought to take pictures. It’s just your average dairy farm, but this morning with the frost and morning light it was transformed. Again, I found a shot in something routine and ordinary. Photography is like that sometimes, at least for me.

I used a polarizing filter on this shot and went for a short depth of field. You can kinda make out the farm house
that caught my eye in the background. I really like the polarizing filter and think it really enhances outdoor pictures. See the exposure details and geotag at zooomr.

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