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Another shot I took Easter weekend, actually only a few minutes later than Camouflage. I have been taking other pictures, but have been slow getting them up online. Also, I took a few photos I really liked Easter weekend, so figured I’d make them last for several posts. I find taking pictures in spurts works better for me. Less stress, more creativity. I do take my camera with me pretty much everywhere I go, just in case I see something interesting. I’ve got at least three of four pictures I’ve taken over the last week that I want to blog.

My foot is still slowing me down, and tomorrow I have arthroscopic shoulder surgery. I feel like an invalid already. The surgery should keep me from shooting for several days, hopefully no more, so I’m going to post the pictures I’ve already taken while I’m recovering. If all goes well, I’ll be back out shooting pictures in no time.

On to some comments about this shot. I took it while my kids were busy playing in the river. It was warm, and the water was really low so they were wading in up to their ankles and playing in the sand. This river willow branch caught my eye and I started shooting. I took it in color, but knew when I was shooting that I wanted it in black and white. I did a good deal of contrast adjustment and added film grain to help give a more surreal look. I also used a wide f-stop (which I tend to do a lot) and had to obviously get down on the ground. I get nervous when my camera gets too close to sand, but this shot was worth it. (I got dirty, the camera is fine) I think it came out nicely.

It is on Zooomr with a GeoTag and another shot of the branch.

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