Look Up

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I have to credit my wife for this shot. We were walking around the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco and I was looking all around for things to shoot, then she said “Look up”. This was the shot. I decided I liked the black and white version better than the color version, although both were good. This shot is on Zooomr with the geotag and exif information. There’s also another, similar shot on Zooomr as well. Additional pictures of the Japanese Tea Garden are on my Picasa Web Album, including the color version of this shot.
The Japanese Tea Garden is a really cool place. It’s only a few bucks to get in, our whole family went for I think $11, and we spent a few hours there. The kids love it, with all the paths and foot bridges. I love the architecture and design. Mostly, I like seeing something not Americana. We live in an old part of town with lots of Victorian and Craftsmen homes, which I like, but sometimes a taste of another culture is refreshing. The Tea Garden gives you that, along with some tranquility. I’ve only been on weekends when there are crowds, but even then it is worth it. If you live near San Francisco, this is a great, inexpensive day trip.

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