WordPress ate my post

I thought I had posted something yesterday, but apparently WordPress ate it. I had saved it as a draft SEVERAL times, and published, but something went awry. The draft is not there, and neither is the post. Very odd and quite annoying. I was a good post, very profound and insightful.

Anyway, here’s the picture. I’m a little too frustrated to try to re-write what I wrote last night.

linkslinks Hosted on Zooomr

It’s at the old WWI and WWII artillery bunkers west of the Golden Gate Bridge. Not many tourist go there because the get wrapped up in the bridge, but it’s a pretty cool place, with great views of the bridge, Marin headlands, and the Pacific Ocean.

It’s geotagged on Zooomr, with a couple of other shots from the same day. I’ll post them on this blog, maybe tonight if I can muster up the courage and trust WordPress.

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