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The WallThe Wall Hosted on Zooomr

OK, probably not the best title, but it is a wall. This is the front wall of the de Young Museum, in San Francisco. I took this on the trip to the tea. It’s unlike any building I’ve seen. I guess they tried to make the building a work of art in itself. Mostly it worked. It’s a little out of place in the park, but the surface compels you to look, and admire it. The closer you get, the more attractive and compelling it becomes.

There are a lot of pictures of it on Zooomr, so I guess the wall has had the intended effect. People seem to like it, and after seeing it close up I had to like it too. And seeing it really made me want to shoot pictures of it, so much so that I made my family walk over to the building after we came out of the tea garden. The kids like exploring, and the museum definitely captures your attention, so they didn’t mind. There are a lot of things to see around the museum, so you can spend a bit of time exploring the grounds without actually paying the admission to go inside.
I converted this to B/W in Picasa and adjusted the contrast, quite a bit. The sun was pretty much overhead, and the excess of light in the upper left makes the building fade into the sky. The effect is much better in black and white.

It’s On Zooomr with geotag, although I noticed the exact location seemed to wander a little. Zooomr has a lot of photos in the area as well.

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